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Ring of Prawns

The Challenge


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May 31, 2017

Madrid, May 31, 2017–  Six out of ten Spaniards believe they can distinguish fake news from the truth. However, the reality is that 86% of the time they cannot, according to the market research firm, Simple Logic, who analized the impact of fake news in Spain for Pescanova.

 LOLA MullenLowe teamed up with Pescanova to explore the phenomenon of fake news in their latest campaign. “NOVA: The ring of Shrimp”, which encourages viewers to think and question what they believe to be true. 

The campaign is led by an interactive experience that invites the viewer to discover if what the brand is saying is true or not via TV spots, social media and a documentary on Youtube. The campaign aims to keep the viewer engaged, and challenged and at the same time introduces “Dippeo de Langostinos”, an innovative product that is tailor made for current snacking trends in Spain where consumers are looking for easy to eat, informal treats. 

The campaign storytelling revolves around the idea that fishing for a shrimp ring is the most complicated fishing art in the world. The unusual behavior displayed by the prawns in the migratory currents of the Atlantic revealed that they perform a kind of dance in a circular form while shedding their shells, and at that precise moment, our fishermen catch them. Or not?

Keep questioning.

Watch the video here:

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