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Mother Bears

The Challenge

As a jewelry company, TOUS are constantly looking to nature as a source of inspiration and the bear is a key symbol for the brand. This comparison is the perfect leitmotif for conveying how we are moved by the beauty and diversity of the experiences that surround motherhood.






April 2021

This Mother’s Day TOUS is paying homage to the vulnerability and fortitude inherent inmotherhood through its iconic bear. 

With the slogan, “We are Mothers, we are Bears”, TOUS highlights the similarities that mothers share with the bear, the brand’s icon. The aim is to spotlight different actions that have a connection with motherhood, such as: we share, we care, we dare, we’re aware, we’re rare and we’re there. The campaign, conceived by LOLA MullenLowe, will be launched globally on April 12 in audiovisual, digital, overseas and print media.

“We believe that this lovely idea epitomizes the many qualities that mothers and mamma bears share in a very tender expression of empowerment.” Anaïs Durand, TOUS Marketing and Communications Director.


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