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Mother's Day

The Challenge


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April 2020

Thousands* of women have given birth in Spain during the covid-19 crisis and TOUS is paying a special tribute to them this Mother’s day.

If giving birth is a challenge under normal circumstances, then doing it alone, without a partner or family close by, full of fear and uncertainty that surrounds every moment, is even more admirable. 

TOUS, a brand that celebrates Mother’s and women every day, brings to light the bravery and sacrifice that these women are experiencing in a moving and powerful film and will give each new Mother a gift to commemorate the occasion.

This beautiful film is a tribute to one of the most defining moments in the life of a woman, when she becomes a Mother. During this crisis we feel it’s important to lift each other up and support each other. We want new Mother’s to know that we are thinking of them and although this moment might not be exactly how they imagined it, it should still be cherished forever,” Anaïs Durand, Marketing and Communications Director, TOUS.

The film will launch on April 20th across TOUS’s social media in Spain, Portugal and other select markets.

“Within the reality that we are all living, there is a group of people who have had to live a very important and delicate moment in their lives: becoming a mother, and if having a child is already brave, imagine doing it virtually alone, sometimes without a partner, surrounded by fear and worry,” Néstor García and Nacho Oñate, Executive Creative Directors of LOLA MullenLowe Barcelona.



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