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Burger King

Onion Blackout

The Challenge




Burger King España.

Kissing with bad onion breath well not anymore!!! Thank you burger king. 

To celebrate International Kissing Day, which takes place on April 13th, the brand has decided to remove fresh onions from their menus, ensuring that on such a special day the only thing that lingers are kisses, and not the taste of onion. Yay! no more onion flavoured kisses!! 

BURGER KING serves fresh onions, cut daily in each restaurant, to enhance the flavor of its burgers and satisfy onion lovers. However, when it comes to kissing, the taste of onions is not recommended.

"These kinds of initiatives are what makes BURGER KING® a brand that doesn’t leave you indifferent, but we are also daring and authentic, and always close to our consumers, who we love to surprise and, on this occasion, make them laugh," says Bianca Shen, Marketing Director of BURGER KING® for Spain and Portugal.


We dare you to go kiss whoever you want without that oniony flavour in your mouth !!!!! 






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