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Human Meat Plant Based Burger

The Challenge

How do we get people to believe that our delicious plant based products can taste like ANY meat?






Nov 2021

Oumph! is a plant-based brand born in Sweden, that is loved by vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians. The company is expanding throughout Europe to reach a growing audience of people who are discovering how delicious plant-based food can be.

At Oumph!, plants and vegetables are turned into any mouthwatering meat you can imagine. Even if you are the biggest and most demanding veal, lamb, pork or chicken meat lover, Oumph! can resemble the taste and experience of any meat, by using only plant-based ingredients.

Any meat? YES, any meat. Even HUMAN MEAT.

That’s why this Halloween Oumph! has decided to take that one step further and make the boldest and most daring burger ever: a Human Meat Burger, that’s plant-based of course.

The curious task of elaborating this scary plant-based recipe was led by Ankan “The Duck” Linden, co-founder and chef at Oumph!.

“This Halloween, we really wanted to push some boundaries to show that we can make plant-based products that resemble any kind of meat. For us, the most human way of having a burger is a plant-based one”, says Henrik Åkerman, Global Brand Lead at Oumph!.

If you are in Stockholm next Saturday October 30th, Halloween Eve, and you have the guts to try it, you are invited to find out just how tasty this Plant-Based Human Meat Burger is. Go to Nytorget at 22.00 h where these special edition burgers will be dished out. Don't miss the chance as it will only be available this Halloween, you know, otherwise it would be creepy.



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