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Paramount Network

Bodyguard For Free

The Challenge

How to launch a series when you're up against so many streaming platforms? Find the cultural relevance and give people a reason to believe.


Outdoor Advertising.


Paramount Network.


October 2020

Spanish politicians, we’ve got your back

It’s been a really tough year for everyone but maybe even more so for Spanish politicians. So, Paramount Network is offering a very generous solution to help them in these trying times and it's called Bodyguard for free.

The campaign is a win-win between a solid strategy and creative executions that challenge viewers and connect with people looking for an escape from reality.

“It’s difficult to feel sorry for the political class right now, but with a little bit of humor we were able to offer them something they probably need now more than ever. A fun twist to promote a thrilling series that you can see for the first time on television on Paramount Network". Tomás Ostiglia, Executive Creative Director.


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