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Manila - San Miguel

Where does it take you?

The Challenge

How do you transmit the multi-layered sensation of an IPL while empowering people to discover what it is?




Manila - San Miguel.


Dec. 2019

In our latest film for Manila, San Miguel's delicious IPL, we take the viewer on a sensory journey.

"And you, where does an IPL take you?" This is the motto of the new campaign that MANILA de San Miguel has launched and that reflects the uniqueness of this unique beer: a beer that opens the door to an extraordinary and exotic world and that leaves no one indifferent thanks to its flavor and its IPL beer style.

Therefore, in its new campaign, MANILA de San Miguel encourages you to discover where an IPL takes you and begin a journey full of sensations and experiences.
Diving into the label of MANILA, we discover places as extraordinary as the beer itself: a Far Paradise Island, or the Immense Depth of a Lake destinations that reflect the authentic personality of MANILA.

MANILA de San Miguel is a different beer that unites the best of two worlds: the best of IPA (India Pale Ale), because it is made with aromatic hops that provide new and intense nuances of flavor; and the best of Lager, because it is soft and easy to drink. An extraordinary and exotic beer inspired by the hometown of Cervezas San Miguel, which has received several awards such as the Gold International Beer Challenge or the Silver World Beer Idol.

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