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San Miguel

It's Monday

The Challenge

Times have been tough, but San Miguel is here to show you that you can win back your day if you have the right attitude.




San Miguel .


October 2020

In our latest campaign for San Miguel we were lucky to work with the talented and joyful Jeffrey Obenga, better known as MUFASA, who's internet famous dance wants us to win back our day, reminding us that every day can be magnificent.

It doesn't matter if it's Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday… The important thing is to remember that every day can be magnificent.
Mufasa; the actor and artist who enlightened the lives of his followers during confinement thanks to his famous dance.
This is what right in line with how Magna de San Miguel thinks, challenging restless beer drinkers to not to get swept away by negativity and to celebrate that every day of the week can be great if they face it with positivity.

See the films here:


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