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Latin Spots Interviews: Tomás Ostiglia about Cannes Lions Radio Jury 2016

Our Global Creative Director was called by the International Festival of Creativity Cannes Lions on the category Radio. “Ideas choose you and not the other way around” says Tomás Ostiglia, who adds: "work should challenge the rules, be simple and be well 

Being part of the jury on Cannes is one of these experiences that every creative wants to achieve in his career. This experience means a great joy and responsability to me.


After judging a lot of pieces, I realized they choose you and not the other way around. Good things are successful. Generally, good ideas tell the truth with quality and elegance. After that, we will have to discuss the nuances, at the discretion of each of the juries and the values the president had set.


To be successful in the Radio category, the piece has to be an idea that challenges the rules. Simple, well executed and produced. Then, they will be able to compete. To be a winner, the idea has to be the brightest. The details within these ideas will decide the award that each of the ideas deserves.


I will do my best collaborating with my fellow jurors to have a record that makes us feel proud, as well as I expect to learn a lot and meet new people.

Spain is gradually recovering its bad years, more and better work is done. There is a new spirit reflected in communication. Last year was a good year to Spain, but we have to fight, as usual, against industry gigants.


Radio is still part of our lifes, specially while driving, and eventually has an important role nowadays. We can see radio in a podcast, even on Spotify. While we have ears, the possibility to seduce people throught the radio will continue existing.