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Adlatina Feature: Nacho O. and Nestor G. on Using Humour in Creativity

"We want to protect the humor, with humor"

Our artistic duo, Nacho Oñate & Nestor Garcia, were recently interviewed by Adlatina on how they effectively use humour in their creativity. 

Lola MullenLowe Barcelona started 2017 with a new building, new equipment and new accounts. In dialogue with Adlatina, her creative executive directors talked about the agency's present and also about her latest campaign for the 9GAG humor site.

Oñate and García have led the creativity of Lola Barcelona since October 2015. Nacho Oñate and Néstor García, creative executive directors of LOLA MullenLowe Barcelona, talked with Adlatina about the process of resizing that the agency is going through and its most interesting works in recent months.

The creators said that after the abrupt change in losing SEAT's account last year, in 2017, the affiliate started a new project with great desire, as if starting another agency from scratch. With optimism, they highlighted the special challenge and the opportunity that faces this changed implies for them: "Not everyone has the opportunity to open an agency twice in their career.

¨Today we have new accounts, a new building and a new team, made up of very young people who are very excited, " said Oñate.

The agency is now working for Amplifon in numerous European countries, and also for 9GAG, Pipas G and YOSOY. His campaigns for these three brands will participate this month in El Sol and Cannes. Oñate explained: "We are not going to carry much more, because the objective is to continue with the restructuring this year".

As for the upcoming international festivals, Garcia and Oñate said that "although it is a cliché", the industry of the Iberian country is having a good time.

"Last year Spanish creativity had great logos, like the Grand Prix for Justino. This year it's going to be difficult to get past that performance, but the good thing is that all the agencies have raised their level, "said Oñate.

One unforgettable campaign they did for 9GAG involved an internet monument and it was titled, #FunLegacy. The entertainment content platform chose LOLA Barcelona for its first advertising initiative and had a dual-objective of celebrating the ninth anniversary of the site as well as promoting its new application as the best way to enjoy the immense amount of humorous videos and memes that the site offers. For that, a 20-ton marble monolith was built and carved with the most famous internet jokes, chosen by more than 650,000 9GAG users from 114 different countries.

The DCEs of LOLA said that everything started with the proposal to strengthen the app by telling a more special story.

"We wanted to take our humor more seriously because we would never be able to compete with the immediacy and irreverence of the user's mood. That is why we proposed that they be the ones who take care of it, now and in the future, "said Õnate.

9GAG is based in Hong Kong, and the relationship with the client was completely through Skype. Garcia and Oñate confessed that when they told the representatives of the site that their idea was to create a monument of 20 tons to the memes, "they responded with a long silence, but later they fell in love with the idea".

In a first stage, videos were disseminated to tell the idea and to call people to choose what jokes to leave for posterity. Then the artist Antonio Soler, who specializes in sculpturing monoliths and made works for the feature film by Ridley Scott Exodus, sculpted the monument.

"It was curious, because the artist did not understand what advertising was: he did not want to have deadlines, nor show us the process, nor to record it, although we gradually understood it," said Oñate.

Another challenge in the execution of the campaign was to adapt to two well-differentiated audiences, those who met 9GAG through this initiative and those who already used the platform– more accustomed to short videos of absurd humor. That's why the agency had to respond quickly and create pieces tailored to each audience. As for the results, so far the campaign had more than 24 million views and there was a download of the app every 3 seconds. The creatives emphasized that they hope to continue working with 9Gag, although it is still too early to know how the relationship with the client will continue.

Garcia said: "We want the brand to continue protecting humor, but doing it with humor. The idea is to continue adding value to the Fun Legacy platform so that we can achieve the concrete objectives of the brand that will emerge in the future. "

The article was originally in Spanish. Read it in full HERE.