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Pescanova "The Queen’s message" has been crowned as the most viewed in Spain.

Surprise Surprise!  We have been crowned as the most viewed ad by El País according to YouTube views.


Lola- MullenLowe Madrid was the creative mind behind the Queen’s message campaign. Regardless people being busy during the holiday period. The campaign has come on top in Spain as the most viewed campaign of the season with almost half million views. 

In LOLA we took the risk to switch around the idea of the Christmas King’s message and reach modern woman and men who live and want a more equal society, in peace and respect. 

 Tomas Ostiglia, Creative director of LOLA MullenLowe Madrid, mentions that "if we raise awareness for equal opportunities between men and women such as equal salaries, genderless work roles we can create visibility for all people living in disadvantage."

 Watch the full article in Spanish here.

 Watch the campaign here.