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El País visits LOLA Madrid to talk about dog friendly offices.


El Pais visited LOLA Madrid for their segment "Gudog". At Lola, we encourage our crew to bring their pets with them. We don't have any issues with that, on the contrary, we love having pets around us.

Chacho Puebla, ECD, talks about how important is for him to have Tura around the office and how he loves people's pets all around.

Our dear Cris mentions how she loves the office environment where Thai, her dog, can be in peace amongst all. She's playful and likes to be around people.

A pioneering company in Spain in adopting the measure was Purina through its Pets at Work program. Since 2016, at the headquarters of Castellbisbal (Barcelona), 60 people share workspace with an average of five dogs, who previously had to obtain accreditation. "They cannot be aggressive with other animals or people," says Francesc Ristol, canine trainer and head of the Center for Assisted Therapies with Canes, the association responsible for assessing the dogs. "We have to make sure that the presence of the dog does not negatively influence the work environment," he concludes. To do this, in addition to analysing the behaviour and requiring civil liability insurance to the owners, the company makes sure that there are no phobias and allergies among the employees.

The benefits of having animals in the office go beyond facilitating the lives of the owners and are extendable to all employees. The reduction of stress is one of the leading points in favour, according to a study conducted by the University of Virginia in 2012. According to the research, at the end of a working day, stress levels in the group of workers in the that there were no dogs were significantly higher than in the ones that were present. A conclusion verified by Sergio Vinay, Airbnb worker at the headquarters of Barcelona, another of the offices that are declared dog-friendly. "Being able to coincide with the dogs at some time of rest helps us to relax and reduce our stress," he says.

We certainly get playful when the dogs are in the office.