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A digital culture will make you digital.

by Amaya Coronado Head of Strategy.

A digital culture will make you digital.

By Amaya coronado x La publicidad 

The digital revolution is having an enormous impact on our industry. There’s no doubt about that. There is no need to count these changes or explain in detail how they have affected every one of us that work, in one way or another, in this industry. We all know what these changes are. However, when focusing on different agencies, we can see that not all of them have what is required to take on this tidal wave.

These are the agencies that already existed before the digital era, with the influence of a previous culture surging through their veins, a culture that could only been adapted after a lot of suffering.  We have been witness to this suffering and can certainly empathize.

On the other hand, there are the agencies that were born in the digital era, but that still hold on to these old values. These agencies also suffer. Maybe they deserve it.

And finally, there are also the agencies that were born with the digital era already ingrained. These agencies face their own challenges, they are constantly having to adapt, but they do not suffer because of this.

Lola MullenLowe was born in 2006, two years after Facebook. And we see it as part of that last group. Lola is not an agency that has suffered from the digital revolution, because transformation forms part of our culture.

 Why do I talk so much about culture? Because, in my opinion, the thing that makes an agency digital or non-digital, that prepares it for a digital world, is its culture. It isn’t the fact that you can open an account online that makes a bank digital, nor is a house exchange app digital because you can find your new destination on you mobile, and creating banners, apps and strategies online doesn’t make an agency digital. These businesses are made digital by their culture, their digital culture.

But what does digital culture consist of? I would say that the first thing to think about is beta. Lola is an agency that always looks and feels in beta, that is always in a process of improvement. Therefore, transformation is not an issue, transformation is in our DNA.

Another pillar of digital culture is the ability to connect. Lola is a collaborative, intercultural and interdisciplinary agency. We connect people, points, disciplines, stories, “touchpoints”, insights and work teams… Connectivity is at the very heart of everything that Lola does.

What’s more, being digital provides another way of understanding relationships, and therefore, creating new relationships. At Lola, relationships between people are equal, democratic and sustainable. Be it with its employees, collaborators, clients or its partners… They are all the same.

In saying this, I don’t wish to imply that the digital world does not come without its challenges. There are always plenty of challenges, but our culture allows us to take them on with the necessary attitude, values, talent and tools.   

 “Lola is not an agency that has suffered from the digital revolution, because transformation forms part of our culture.”


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