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"Anagram lovers", CICLOPE Festival finalist.

Annually held since 2010, CICLOPE Festival is a conference and an award show that comes together in a two-day event full of content and networking activities. The conference offers inspiring talks and case studies, enriching seminars and workshops. The award show is an outstanding showcase and celebration of the very best of the year in different categories, such as Direction, 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Interactive Films and Original Music, among many others.


This year, LOLA MullenLowe is one of the CICLOPE Festival finalists with "Anagram lovers":


“Anagram lovers” is the story of a young man and a young woman, who don´t know each other, but are connected in a very unique way; their lives are anagrams of each other. (An anagram is a word or phrase made by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase.)


The storytelling highlights the concept “There’s magic in words” created by the creative agency LOLA, to transmit a message as smart as any Scrabble player, but that also touches the heart of people in an endearing way.


“We wanted to convey the brand essence through a love story that had words at its core. The spot portrays romance and charm without clichés and while reinforcing the magic of Scrabble for a young and freethinking audience,” said Montse Franch, Marketing Manager for Mattel’s EuRoMEA region.


For Pancho Cassis, Executive Creative Director of LOLA Madrid, “our strategy was to focus on the power of words which is foundation of Scrabble, but it was important to package it in a beautiful, and compelling way to entice newer players.”


The TV ad was produced by award-winning production company Landia and directed by former Mother London creative director Rodrigo Saavedra, winner of several Cannes lions for Stella Artois, among others.


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