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You can see sounds.

Young Miguel Sousa, also occasionally referred to as “compulsive illustrator”, enjoys his job as an art director at the advertising agency “LOLA”, and participates in different projects. As a result he faces any challenge head on and learns the creative process.

He defines himself as restless and says he’s always trying to do and try new things. What he most relishes is design and illustration.

Going back to the expression “compulsive illustrator”, which was given to him in an interview for a Portuguese newspaper, P3, he doesn’t identify with it since this could lead to all sorts of interpretations. He thinks that he repeats this activity continuously because he likes it and he does it with a lot of enthusiasm. Everything related to design requires a lot of discipline and it ends up being a lifestyle.

He says that through his drawings he tries to communicate ideas and points of view by exploring the abstract and our collective imagination.

He has in mind a multitude of plans that have yet to be completed, one of which is his thesis project of creating a publishing company: Picture Books and Fanzines.

One of the most noteworthy projects consists of drawings based on patterns formed in the sand, on the surface of materials that vibrate in the pulse of sound waves…. he thought this was a very interesting concept when he found out about Ernst Chladni’s discovery in 1787. It’s interesting to imagine that a deaf person who has never in his or her life heard a melody can have the slightest idea of what it feels like to perceive sound. VISUAL FREQUENCIES was devised on the basis of this idea, where, through the use of colours, geometric patterns and minimalism, the visual patterns of sound frequencies are recreated.

To have a look at his creations, you can use the following links:





Miguel S.

CEO MullenLowe Group W. Europe