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The successful case of Líbero Spray, because culture matters.

Líbero #Iftheyexplainitwithfootball has connected with the right audience since the beginning. Starting with the first films, the brand has seen a growth in terms of sales and engagement. Both the website and the social media enjoys currently a healthy situation. 

This time, we came up with an innovation idea: Líbero Spray is the latest technology from the football pitch applied to the real life. The same spray used by referees in free kicks will help Líbero readers in their daily habits. 

The humor in this campaign connected since the first day and got over 2500 shares on facebook and 236 212 plays (just the first film). After that, the spray was a cultural hit, we got in touch with young girl referees to collaborate with us as influencers so they got involved in the buzz making other people sharing other people commenting and other people loving it. During this time, we though their energy was worth a contest. For that, we asked our followers to share and comment in a creative way. The result: three spray were sent daily during two weeks. People after this, were taking pictures using the spray and making new usages up.

Even ten journalists with over 200k followers, from football tv shows got involved in the campaign, making this even bigger, reaching the big public.

The campaign was awarded with two bronze awards in TV and PR in the Iberoamerican festival El Sol. What we have learnt by far is, everything taught through football, is better understood. And, the only way to trascend the category is through cultural conversation. 



The spray has been produced by Expoline, infinite thanks for making it possible.