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Seijo, a musical experiment

Seijo was born from a love of music and the friendship of Ana and Pablo that has spanned 7 years and 3 cities.

By day, Ana Prado is an Art Director in LOLA Barcelona but by night, she pours her creativity and  experience in communication into Seijo.

Pablo has been passionate about music since he was little but it wasn´t until he was 15 that he decided to write his first lyrics and start experimenting with a keyboard, an instrument he taught himself. Later, he went to a music school to learn piano, solfeo and violin, adding new textures to his music.

In 2009, he met Ana Prado, in Pontevedra (Galicia) while studying Advertising and continuing with his music studies and experimentation.
Ana was the quiet new girl and they quickly made friends due to their mutual love of music. After their final year of school and as roommates, Ana moved to Barcelona to work in the world of advertising, but without abandoning her music. She plays the guitar and always has music accompanying her throughout the day. Ana has played in several different bands from her hometown of A Coruña to Barcelona.
When Pablo finished his studies, he returned to his hometown of Vigo to dedicate himself exclusively to his music; playing the piano, composing and playing in a band. In January of of this year, he reunited with Ana in Barcelona and began their musical Project called Seijo.  


Take a listen here:

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