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SEAT Archithon

This weekend, for the first time in Europe, our client SEAT held a truly innovate event focused on fusing architecture and innovation for the design of a digital museum. The event took place in a beautiful and architecturally significant space on the waterfront in Barcelona, where 40 Spanish and German architecture students worked through a 48-hour marathon.

The idea was to combine passion, creativity and engineering skills to create a digital contemporary building inspired by the architectural trends of the two nationalities and build on the rich history of SEAT. The students were accompanied by mentors throughout the process and were given the opportunity to hear talk by world-renowned architects Joan Roig and Pilar Calderon.

It is a tremendous pleasure for me to work with a brand like SEAT that has a young and innovative spirit, but more importantly a story worth telling. The idea of creating a Digital Museum makes it possible to dive deeper into the story of SEAT no matter where you are in 77 markets where it lives. The digital museum will launch in September and LOLA is extremely proud to be an integral part of the process, from helping to organize Archithon to making these young winner´s dreams a reality.

The digital museum is an ambitious project and will hold the hidden SEAT collection, stories about the key models, the archive treasures, the heritage of SEAT and the people behind the brand. As my colleague, Gabriel Palma, Head of Global Brand Advertising for SEAT said “Maintaining the past is essential to building the future,” and I couldn´t agree more. Let´s hope that more brands start celebrating their heritage this way.

More info aquí (spanish)

Source : LinkedIn, Miguel Simoes CEO.

Miguel S.

CEO MullenLowe Group W. Europe