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2016 Global Effie Index, MullenLowe Group maintains most effective agency in the worldwide ranking.

IN 2016 GLOBAL EFFIE INDEX – FOR SIXTH CONSECUTIVE YEAR The 2016 Effie Effectiveness Index, published May 2016, details the global network rankings, encompassing agency success from all 2015 Effie awards in more than 40 national, regional and global Effie Award competitions.

In absolute terms, MullenLowe Group ranks fourth on a measured list of fifty competitive agencies and networks, having won 132 Effie awards in 2015, a 6% increase from 2014. Importantly, for the sixth consecutive year, MullenLowe Group has now placed at the top of all global networks as the most effective agency worldwide in terms of points per $ revenue.

The 2016 Effie Index is a performance metric based on 2015 results, and is one of the most accurate measures of advertising and communications effectiveness and impact worldwide. MullenLowe Group has collected 559 Effie points coinciding with 89.4 points per $100m revenue, placing them first on the Global Effie Index rankings, with respect to this metric. Unilever, MullenLowe Group’s largest global client took second place on the Effie Index’s Most Effective Marketer Ranking with 98 awards in 2015 (the number one position is held by Coca-Cola).

MullenLowe Group has influenced Unilever’s Most Effective Marketer Ranking with 132 points, increasing from 32% in 2014 to 38% during 2015. MullenLowe Group agencies placed in the Effie Index Top 100 list of agency rankings: MullenLowe Lintas taking 5th place, MullenLowe U.S. in 36th place, MullenLowe SSP3 in 51st place, and MullenLowe MENA as 87th on the list.

Alex Leikikh, MullenLowe Group Global CEO comments: “Our #1 position as the Most Effective Global Agency Network on the Effie Index in terms of points per revenue is a clear demonstration of MullenLowe Group’s focus on delivering an unfair share of attention for our clients’ brands. Through our challenger thinking, we have delivered some of the most effective, high profile communications ideas in the global marketplace, and this ranking recognizes our work for the broad range of clients in the top international markets we serve.”