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LOLA Barcelona´s Nacho and Néstor Featured in Marketing Directo

"Our idea is clear: to advertise what people like to see.¨

Marketing Directo, Spain´s first digital marketing journal with over a million viewers, interviewed LOLA Barcelona´s Nacho and Néstor about the success of the PipasG campaign and the best way to target millennials. 

Just a month ago, it is clear how much of a success the new campaign of Grefusa´s PipasG became.

Freshness, dynamism, music and lots of originality are just some of the ingredients that have contributed to its success, both in the online and offline world. At this point, there is no one who has not heard of this flashy and funny campaign that has gone viral on social networks especially with younger users who are presumably more difficult to seduce.

It also managed to capture the ranking as the Most Watched Video on Youtube in Spain for February, a real surprise to users and the industry.

Congratulations to the agency, LOLA MullenLowe Barcelona, the ones responsible for this risky and crazy campaign that promises to be the success of the summer.  

 To discover the origin of this compelling and curious idea as well as its development, we interviewed Nacho Oñate and Néstor García, Creative Executive Directors of LOLA MullenLowe Barcelona.

  1. Pipas with glasses, pseudo-reggaeton and meme-style design. It is clear that this campaign is for the younger millennial generation, but who are they?

Very young, between 14-36 years-old, optimistic, ultra-connected, very social, owners of multiple digital devices.

 Not that they have a problem, they just do not have much capacity to pay attention– it´s only if something stops appealing to them, even for a moment, you have lost them.

They want everything personalized and they want quick feedback on everything they share. Communication through traditional channels becomes irrelevant to them with incredible ease.

  1. What do they expect from advertising today? 

They do not expect anything specifically, they just want to bring something– entertainment, information, whatever– that is useful for them. Because if you do not, you´re out. They will not give you many opportunities.

 As they are always connected, they expect content available on different devices and channels in the language they prefer. They orchestrate their own experiences with brands by choosing how they interact, when, where and with whom.

In the era of Big Data, they are well aware that brands are collecting a lot of information about them but they do not care.

A SDL study suggests that 46% of millennials say they would be willing to share even more data if that means they do not get messages that are irrelevant to them.

  1. How was the campaign born?

 It was born out of not wanting to make an advertising campaign. It is very rare to be saying all the time that millennials do not consume advertising campaigns, they only look for content that interests them, whoever is the one who makes that content and then make an advertising campaign.

It was also born out of a commitment to generate content interesting enough so that they seek us and not the other way around. And once we got that clear, we´re looking for the fun way to tell all the insights of Pipas.

  1. What results did the campaign have in its first phase?

It is still early to evaluate; we only have the first data because the campaign only takes two weeks in the air. Even so, the level of awareness and response you are getting is incredible. Never before has Grefusa had so much interaction it has achieved as a brand.

In just two weeks, two of the spots are among the top three Youtube ads (organic searches) for the whole month, and one thing we particularly wonder about is that the primary and secondary targets are actively participating in the campaign. They also voluntarily sent emails to Grefusa, asking for more work.

Their involvement makes them stop being a target group but instead, generators of their own content.

  1. What more projects do they have with the Grefusa brands?

Within this portfolio, we work for all pipas like PipasG and El Piponazo, MisterCorn. We suppose when this interview comes out, this will already be the new campaign in the air. We also do all of Snatt´s communication.  

Last year, we started with the launch campaign with María León and now we are preparing the follow-up.

  1. What is the approach of LOLA Barcelona in 2017 after the departure of SEAT?

The approach of LOLA Barcelona has always been the same, with or without SEAT. It´s obvious that when you work for such a large client, you mark a alot, but our idea is clear: to advertise what people like to see. It seems obvious, but it really is.

When we get people to start consuming the messages as content and to primarily enjoy it, we stop competing with the rest of the messages. What we are trying to achieve is that each brand establishes an honest and unexpected conversation with its target audience.

The original interview was in Spanish, read it HERE.