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Agencies, Marketers Navigate Spain Uprising.

Gonzaga Ayllon x AdAge.

"We are a multicultural agency and we are very respectful of each other's opinions."

 "It's an enormous communications case study … The Spanish government who want the country to remain united are failing. We have to use communications to solve the problem."

Emma Hall and Laurel Wentz of AdAge give their view on the ongoing situation in Catalonia. They study the impact that the independence movement may have on business in the area, and more specifically how the communications industry could be affected.

They also reveal how the world of advertising may be used to influence the situation by both sides. This is a method which some believe to be underused in Spanish politics.

With insights from various experts, including our very own Gonzaga Ayllon, director of client services in the Barcelona office, this is certainly worth a read! 


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