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Magnum and Scrabble get a pencil at the D and AD 2016

The Global Association for Creative Advertising & Design Awards gala took place on Thursday 19th in London where agencies and studios' work in 2016 were awarded. 

After knowing Scrabble and Magnum had a chance to win, the colors of pencils were finally revealed: In total 747 Pencils. The most notable were two Black Pencils, three white pencils and 61 Yellow Pencils.

12 pencils were Spaniards: 2 Yellow Pencils, 5 Graphite pencils and 5 Wooden pencils. 

Unilever agency LOLA MullenLowe has been awarded with a Yellow Pencil for his work entitled Proudly Seeking Pleasure for Unilever in the category of TV Commercials 41-60 seconds.


The agency has also received a wooden pencil for Mattel's Anagram Lovers l, in the TV Commercials 61-120 seconds.