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Magnum selected in Adweek’s “24 trends behind the best advertising in 2015”

Gender identity, outdoor tech, anti-endorsers, power women and many more trends drove this year’s best ads according to Adweek. Work from Heineken, Gatorade, Geico, Always, Wells, Campbell’s has been selected due to its empowering role in society. It was a definitely, a huge year for gender issues in pop culture, and some marketers bravely joined the conversation—among them, Google, Japanese cosmetic brand Shiseido, Pot Noodle and Mangum…

AdWeek: “Magnum ice cream, whose “Be True to Your Pleasure” campaign was one of the coolest of the year.”

Magnum’s brand philosophy is that a day without pleasure is a day lost. ´Be True To Your Pleasure´ puts a spotlight on the ways one unique group of individuals embrace their personal pleasure in a courageous way. The story is told in an effort to inspire and encourage all people to be true to their own version of pleasure. This creative strategy has been building for the past five years when the brand took a strategic shift away from hidden, private pleasures to more out in the open, self-expressive ways of enjoyment.