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El País recognizes Libero Magazine for their important work.

Libero Magazine

Back in 2012, two entrepreneurs with a vision to create a different kind of magazine approached us. The challenge was to launch a football magazine in Spanish speaking markets with stories about culture, style and nostalgia. The concept we created,  “If you explain it with football, they get it,” became the strategic foundation for some very effective an influential campaigns over the years.

The results have been an essential part of growing Libero Magazine into an international brand, while remaining true to its essence. This week, El País, Spain´s leading newspaper, takes a look at how far the brand has come. We are very proud to see how this body of work has resonated with both the public and the press. We hope you enjoy these campaigns as much as we loved making them. Have a look at the full article below.


Read the article here 

Watch the video here