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LatinSpots interviews Pancho Cassis


Spanish international reference of advertising, LOLA MullenLowe year after year consolidates its work for local and global brands through innovative stories , delicately executed. How think an agency where the animated represents one of the core values.


A 2015 marked by outstanding campaigns for brands such as Scrabble, Revista Libero and Magnum distinguish LOLA MullenLowe as a creatively challenging agency . From the Spanish capital, Pancho Cassis, Executive Creative Director , leads a team of 25 creative that develops creativity for clients such as Cornetto , Café Zero , Global Fruttare and Mattel Europe. Moreover, Barcelona is where are cooking ideas for global SEAT and new local accounts like Axe, Jack Daniel’s and Bulldog Gin, while from the Lisbon office so for SEAT, Unilever and Cooptaxis. Meanwhile, Tomás Ostiglia is responsible for global creativity for Magnum.

Awarded with The Big Eye for the Best Latin Idea to the World for his campaign “Double Pleasure” for Magnum and recognise as the third Better Agency in latest edition of “El Ojo de Iberoamérica”, agency that has Chacho Puebla as CCO and Partner, reinforces its latin impront with a global specific reach.

Here, Pancho Cassis shares his views about local industry and his expectations for LOLA, after his first year leading the agency.


- What is your assessment of his first year at the helm of the creative direction of the agency?

I think it was a perfect year in many respects. We demonstrated that the 2014 Award “Agency of the Year” was no fluke and we kept as one of the two most awarded Spain agency at Cannes, only after DDB Holograms. We went to very few “new business” and won the three that were important for us. Three spectacular accounts which, for different reasons, will allow us to do very interesting work. And we finished the year as the third best agency of Latin America at The Eye, winning the Grand Prix for the Best Latin Idea for the World, reinforces the way we have chosen as global latin agency.


-What jobs would you highlight this year?

This year I’ll take three things: the global campaign of Magnum, “Anagrams” from Scrabble and the project “Football vs. Alzheimer” for Líbero.


-Projects and challenges in 2016?

This year we have several interesting upcoming projects, but the most enthusiastic thing is starting working with bold, digital brands that want to create great things. The challenge is keeping the same creative level at the same time we are trying new things with new clients.


-What clients is LOLA MullenLowe looking for?

When a potential client calls LOLA MullenLowe, they are not looking for the inmediate success, they ask us to reframe brands, launch local brands globally or thinking ideas that can work in many markets at the same time. Now, we can make the difference with the experiencewe had reached being global hub of great brands such as Unilever, SEAT or Mattel.


-What is the actual situation on your country?

Spain is on a weird moment. People's vote is looking for something and politicians decide doing something different. Madrid and Barcelona get over but the rest of the country is progressing slowly. In spite of this, people is more alert and demanding. This is an advantage for advertising and brave advertisers.


-How is this context reflected in local advertising industry?

The most importan thing for me is that advertisers wake up. We are watching the same during years: proms, proms, proms and no brand building. There are few who dare to change: SEAT, Campofrío, IKEA and… few more. People from Spain has got much talent that it’s not being exploited. People is going back to spend money, to demand, to afford to buy an special brand and not only the cheapest. This must take an advantage.


-Where can find Spanish consumer today?

The perfect answer would be “the mobile phone” but the truth is that in Spain the TV is the king. There are increasingly more digital actions that reach the ordinary people and become part of popular culture . In Spain we are still very low in such development . Brands are not taking the next step and the only ones who do things really are the influencers. There are still some interesting branded content ideas, mainly because advertisers see it as residual material. There are few who , like Vodafone, use content campaigns are not going to give them an immediate return on investment . To make content you must have patience , and that is precisely what these 10 years of crisis have taken from us.


You can lso read this artile in spanish HERE