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LOLA MullenLowe Wins Snatt's

New work starring María Leon

We just kicked off a new campaign for Snatt's, our first project since winning the account eariler this year. The loveable Maria Leon stars in the campaign that will roll out this spring. The tone is funny and snackable and set Snatt's apart in its category. With this new campaign, Grefusa wants to position itself as healthy snacking.

"LOLA MullenLowe has expertise in the snacks category and has understood the strategic needs and our tone of communication, adapting to it to generate a very noticeable and balanced campaign."

The brand asked the agency to create a campaign to communicate Snatt 's in a fun and notorious tone led by Maria Leon. The first wave highlights the wide range of natural products that the brand offers. A salty snack to enjoy a moment of pleasure and a healthly plus for your body.

"We are very pleased with the results of the campaign and as an agency, highlight the high degree of understanding with the client. With a solid strategy and a very relevant campaign we can begin to achieve business goals for the brand, " Daniele Cicini, Global Business Director of LOLA MullenLowe in Barcelona.

Snatt's are delicious baked goods with cereals, nuts, fiber ... but we'll let María explain it better.