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LOLA and the Sk8ter Spirit

If there’s anyone at LOLA that fully represents the agency’s Skater Sprit, it’s Sebastián Arce Romero, “Sebas”, the indispensable Creative Producer at LOLA since he joined the Madrid office at the end of 2012. Since then he’s actively worked on productions for Nomad Skateboards such as “Invisible Ramps” and the last 3 cases “Violinist”, “Police” and “Scientist”, directed by Diana Kunst. Of course all of the internal production events also bear Sebas’ seal.


One of the last contributions, shown here, was the production of Skate-Wall, blank boards provided by Nomad Skateboards, which our creatives have used as a canvas for their designs and ideas.

Thanks to NOMAD SKATEBOARDS for collaborating with us.

Miguel S.

CEO MullenLowe Group W. Europe