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LOLA MullenLowe wins digital account AXE Spain.  

LOLA MullenLowe in Barcelona has been selected by AXE Spain as digital creative agency to develop the communication strategy of the brand with a wide range of digital content and social media activations. AXE and LOLA MullenLowe drive the communication towardsa more transgressive, bold and effective strategy to launch its new brand positioning, along with a new range of products.  

"LOLA MullenLowe has the expertise in storytelling and integration". They are diverse and creative. They also have effective business proposals for our team, "said Mikel Valdes, Brand Manager at AXE Spain.  

AXE evolves with masculinity and needs of men, from being a deodorant brand to a brand of male grooming. The new AXE strategy redefines the meaning of seduction, focusing on the connection between people and encouraging men to find their own magic to express its most attractive side. Its renewed product portfolio includes daily fragrances, deodorants, antiperspirants, colognes, shower gels and hair care products.

This variety of references is perfect to suit different tastes and styles of their consumers. Daniele Cicini , Global Business Director of LOLA MullenLowe in Barcelona, " to work for a brand as iconic as AXE , at a key moment as repositioning and expanding portfolio of products is a challenge . We are very excited with the confidence given to us by the marketing team and at the same time feel a responsibility to do a job that is the height of AXE and is able to captivate and seduce a more ambitious and sophisticated target . "