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LOLA Ranks as Most Creative Agency in Spain

Leading the top 20

As we end 2016, it is time to take stock of how creative Spanish agencies have been during the last twelve months., Spain´s most read industry publication, has made a ranking of the most creative agencies in Spain in 2016.

The ranking is modeled after the German publication Horizont, which takes into account awards delivered throughout the year in the main advertising and creativity, both nationally and internationally.

The methodology is simple: a Grand Prix has a value of 8 points, a Gold of 6 points, a Silver of 4 points and a Bronze of 2 points. Then each of these points is multiplied by a factor of multiplication (x 8, x 6, x 4 and x 2) depending on the greater or less relevance of the festival. For example, a Gold at Cannes Lions would equal, for example, 48 points (6 x 8), while this same metal in El Sol would have a value of 36 points (6 x 6).

The multiplication factors applied to each of the 15 festivals that we have taken into account take root in the following criteria:

  • - National or international orientation of the festival.

  • - Members of the jury.

  • - Number of entries.

  • - Number of prizes awarded in relation to the number of entries.

In our ranking we have taken as reference 15 national and international festivals and we have applied to each of them the following multiplication factors: - Cannes Lions: x 8 - The Sun: x 6 - FIAP: x 6 - The Eye: x 6 - LIA: x 6 - One Show: x 6 - Clio Awards: x 4 - New York Festivals: x 4 - Epica Awards: x 4 - Eurobest: x 4 - ADC * E: x 4 - CdC: x4 - Echo Awards: x 2 - Inspirational: x 2 - Prizes Effectiveness: x 2

Taking all these criteria into account, LOLA MullenLowe made it to the top position in the ranking of the most creative Spanish agencies in 2016 with a total of 1652 points. 

Congrats to everyone who had a creative year!!

See the full article from Marketing Directo HERE.