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CEO Miguel Simoes in Expansión

Humility and instinct, keys to a great creative

In honor of advertising day in Spain, the country´s most read economic paper, Expansión, interviewed our CEO Miguel Simoes together with other leaders of the industry.

Today, Spanish advertisers and marketers are celebrating as they do every last Friday in January, for San Publicito. He is no martyr; But it´s a good day to make their prayers heard: a paryer for greater collaboration between agencies and more creativity and more risk taking.

Spain ranks seventh in the world's most creative rankings in The Big Won Report, which analyzes the work of 1,673 different agencies and 3,853 campaigns of major international festivals. For the second consecutive year, Spanish creative talent has entered the world´s top ten, with LOLA MullenLowe in 4th place. But they think that more can be done, more can be risked. As a result of the social and cultural changes experienced in recent years, there has been fear in certain sectors for risky new ideas. On the one hand, the digital revolution has made "the ability to interact between consumers and brands today to be automatic and to think and criticize more", says Guille Viglione, president of the Creative Club and Creative Director of the agency Dimension. If we add that "fear is closely related to economic position, we still find companies that are sensitive to betting on different ideas, because the social context generates uncertainty."

According to Miguel García Vizcaíno, executive creative director and founding partner of Sra. Rushmore, in terms of creativity "there are advertisers and agencies that are doing interesting work, but there are not many who are betting on things. You could certainly be more creative "and, therefore, more effective, "Because creativity is not to please the creative, it is to generate more brand value and sell more. We must continue to show that good creativity is better for the advertiser, "says García Vizcaíno.

"More and more professionals in management and marketing who understand advertising creativity as one of the most powerful tools for building value for brands and, as a consequence, for economic growth. These people make companies more receptive to using us," says Toni Segarra, founder and creative director of SCPF. The Creative Club, which presented the C d C 2017 this week, a contest that will bring together the whole profession next March, they claim that "we have to work in greater collaboration with advertisers. It is no longer a given, everything is more complicated, and we have to stay ahead. "

"Brands that take risks with different creative work make their budgets look superior. They seek to grow, excel and challenge both the sector and society," says Miguel Simoes, CEO of Lola MullenLowe.

According to Simoes, the agencies and their creatives are "in a unique position to bring value to the advertiser, we are the partner with more power to influence the growth of their results." Because, ultimately, a good creative is a person who understands their surroundings and who is curious, and "who understands people and their needs can put a mark on their conversation", through entertaining content, Because "if the message entertains you, you will share it with your friends and talk about it," adds Simoes. But for that you have to be humble.

"Those who have the humility to recognize that the data or information available today is at their service will be the best in creativity," says Simoes

In addition to humility, today's creative must be capable of analysis. "It was always fundamental, but much more so today when we face very complex scenarios," Segarra adds. It also requires common sense, "understood as a certain instinct to perceive the simplest truths, those that connect with the general feeling, and which can lead the receiver to act, to buy." And general culture: "Creativity is usually produced by the connection between scattered elements, fragments. If your vision is wide, the possibility of connecting also expands, "adds Segarra.

In any case, they are optimistic, and the mood, San Publicito, is good. For Viglione, there is "a good time for professional integration. It has gone so far, the crisis has made Spanish talent highly valued abroad, above all in Latin America; But now meet again here. " And from here great ideas are exported, because "Spanish creative talent is very competitive", added Simoes. "But there is still a lot of talent left in the job, new talent and experience," Garcia Vizcaino reminded his saint.