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IPG Creates Mullen Lowe Group

The Movement Joins an Agency Leader U.S. and Global Cultures Creative Commons Network with Customer Service of the most dynamic world markets. Interpublic Group today announced, on May 11, the union of Mullen and Lowe and Partners to form the Mullen Lowe Group, a global network of creative agencies definitive guidance, and shares a strong business heritage and mentality ongoing challenge. Mullen Lowe Group combines two of the most awarded and innovative agencies in the world and reinforces IPG's commitment to build, within its portfolio, a third global network, full-service. Alex Leikikh, until now the CEO of Mullen, has been named CEO of the new world Mullen Lowe Group. Michael Wall, CEO of Lowe and Partners, helped build the path that led to the announcement made today and, after a short transition period, has decided to leave the company. The executive leadership of the new group will be comprised of members of both companies and in different markets; José Miguel Sokoloff continues in his position as President of Global Creative Council. More information here.

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Miguel S.

CEO MullenLowe Group W. Europe