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Sitges NEXT 2016: Gem Romero and two awards.

On one side, Eight awards were given to the best creativity, Comms, Social Network, branded content and data ansd technology. Cornetto Movie Kiss received the creativity Sitges NEXT awards and Libero Alzheimer was awarded on content. We are so happy.

On the other side, Gem Romero, Head of Planning in LOLA MullenLowe Barcelona, he is also a well known lecturer and his broad background gives him a special position when it comes to talk about the future of society and human behavior.

Gem's was first at opening the festival with his lecture: ""Ethics as a competitive advantage in advertising". #Ethicsisnext 

Sitges Next is a Festival of Innovation in communication and new media. Their aim is to award the clichés of the future, today.

"The Festival sees innovation as all the advances in communication and technology that allow, both agencies and brands, to communicate with consumers in a new way. Sitges Next will be an essential meeting point for the lovers of communication, emerging talents, and entrepreneurs in new media and the society of new means of media which we now are all a part of. A space to discover, explore and be inspire"


The program and the winners can be checked HERE