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Free co-working space project LOLA Space Invaders takes off in Barcelona


Daniel, Marina, Roger, Ismael, Juan Pablo, Xavier, José, Sergio, José David, Emmanuel y Isaura are now the LOLA Space Invaders..

The presentation night took place last Wednesday in our Barcelona offices just after the working day. Pulled pork burger, brochettes, snacks, cocktails, local beer and proper G&T's made the gala even more pleasant as we would imagine. 

We have just open our doors for 8 lucky freelancers to use our space and all the goodies that go along with it. Use our space for what you ask? To work on your passion project alongside other creators in a light-filled, creatively energized 200m2 space in the heart of Barcelona.

We want to share our resources, our culture, our lovely team and our free ice cream with you. For realz! All we ask in return is your energy, your happy face and that you present your project to our team to inspire us. We were looking for all kind of profiles and the result was a beautiful group of driven filmmakers, creative recruiters, musicians, producers, photographer, technologists.. We received several proposals but only ten made it to the finals.

They have now three months to enjoy the space, the goodies and a select team of people to help guide your experience. Oh and the best part? We are dog friendly and have indoor bicycle parking. 

We will everyone informed through social media. Here the full album with more pictures of the event :)