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Chacho the Dynamizer

How he reboots agencies

Chacho Chacho Puebla, our CCO of Western Europe recently sat down with the editorial team at Adforum to talk about how he successfully reboots agencies time after time. His latest challenge is LOLA MullenLowe Paris.

This is an excerpt:

It’s tempting to call Chacho Puebla “The Dynamizer”. The friendly, ebullient chief creative officer of LOLA MullenLowe has a talent for parachuting into agencies and rebooting them – apparently with the ease that some people redecorate and “flip” houses.

On the morning I meet him, Chacho has just begun this process at the agency’s Paris office. He cuts a refreshingly extrovert figure in the context of the sedate 19th century building, tucked away in a leafy square where a fountain splashes gently in the summer heat.

“Normally I like cities that are a bit gritty, a bit chaotic,” he says. “When I first came to Paris I was worried that it was too glamorous. But in the end I found the corners that suited me.”

This time around he’ll stay for a month, heading a team of ten hand-picked freelancers tasked with energizing the agency and introducing new ways of working. 

“This is a big office of 250 people, and it’s an agency that has a lot of potential. We want to fast-track it to an international level, so we’re trying this new experiment with ten freelancers from different fields: UX, editorial, illustration, design and so on. And they will work at the heart of the agency for one month.”

The idea is to demonstrate to clients how radically the agency could change. “We’re taking all the brands and all the briefs and rethinking everything, plugging this outside talent into existing teams.” 

And how has the agency reacted? “They say it’s like a tornado of energy. Because we’re not here to fix things – we’re here to improve them. We’re not telling them that they’re wrong, we’re suggesting new approaches.”

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