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Amplifon wins with work from LOLA

Lisbon Health Festival

Amplifon, the global leader in hearing solutions and services, has been awarded 1 Gold and 2 Bronze awards at the Lisbon International Health Festival for their campign “New Generation”. The work aims to break down the stigma around hearing aids and the vision that society has about aging.

“This new campaign arises from an insight validated through research with consumers all around Europe: it came to light a strong and unambiguous need to lead/accompany the new generation of consumers not only through a Hearing products offering and cutting-edge services, but also with a communication style showing a target that is active protagonist of their own life,” says Chiara Fracassi, Corporate Brand & Customer Experience Director. “Moreover, the communication platform puts together, for the very first time, the firepower of the Amplifon Group, leveraging on a joint creative and production effort, pursuing the ambition of making Amplifon a pioneer brand of the New Generation.”  

The Lisbon International Health Festival is an international award show that focuses on communication and creativity around Health on a global scale. You can see the full winners list HERE

And see the winning work below.