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Off Hours with Alex Sanchez

Social Media and Blogging

Alex Sánchez is a senior Social Media Manager in LOLA and the owner of the highly popular blog “Tiempo de Publicidad”. We wanted to know how he balances these two major roles so we sat down with him for a quick interview.

Hi Alex, we all dream of starting a blog but never get around to it, tell us how it started?

I didn’t expect this at all. My story in the world of blogging began by chance. I launched Tiempo de Publicidad (Advertising Time) to practice my copywriting following the advice of one of my teachers. I was never too in to this world, but I saw it as necessary way to establish myself and have a practical portfolio online.

How often do you write on the blog? How do you find the time?!

At first, when the blog was starting to take off, I tried to publish between two and three articles daily, but once I started to work in larger agencies, it was impossible to keep up the rhythm. You know, leaving work so late complicates the plans. And well, let's not fool ourselves, the after work beers too. So now I'm trying to publish a daily article, at most two, not counting weekends, of course.

The topics you talk about in the blog are topics you like, current issues, trends...?

Although I also talk about creativity, I usually comment on the latest advertising campaigns, with a different touch. A touch that is casual and peculiar, with some nonsense whenever I can. But if my blog has gotten to where it is today, it is thanks to the articles where I insult the campaigns that I don’t like and that surpass my level of patience.

How do you combine work with the blog? How much time do you spend?

Being in a big agency is complicated to combine work and blog since you usually have less and less time to forget about the world and get to writing your opinions. And I say forget the world, because apart from work, there are friends and their plans. And of course, my own plans.

But hey, it always takes time and sacrifices things to keep the blog. All in all, I would say an hour or an hour and a half a day when I manage my time well.

Have you had any "fail" in any post or some fun / curious experience?

There is an amusing anecdote, but at that time wasn´t that funny. I published an article in Tiempo de Publicidad criticizing, with my characteristic humor, a campaign of a well-known cookie brand. The surprise was mine when the same day I published the article I received a call from the agency that did the work, warning me that the cookie company wanted to denounce me. In the end, everything was just a scare thanks to the management of the same agency, as they knew the style of posts that were published in the blog and that I my intention wasn´t to damage the image of the brand.

Who is your #1 troll and your #1 fan? 

The truth is that I have never had a troll or any problems with anyone. I don’t think I would like to have it either. And as for fans, I have two who are always there: my sister and my girlfriend. My sister is always the first to like the posts share them in social networks, just like my girlfriend. But she is the one who suffers the most, since often we have had to stop doing things so that I can prep the blog. Luckily she understands me and supports me.

You can check out his blog here

Thanks Alex! :)